Why you should take a Canada Day

Our big RV trip to Canada had finally arrived. We left in the late afternoon on Thursday as I thought it would be awesome to be in Canada on Canada Day. “What a cool idea” I thought, “celebrating in a new country on a day that is similar to our Independence Day”. So off we went.

Iowa > Illinois > Michigan > Canada. On June 30th we officially arrived in London, Ontario. Due to arriving late evening we stopped at the first campsite we found, after finding out that our phone didn’t work. Luckily, they had one site we could use, however it was only 15 amp. “You know, it’s the weekend before Canada Day, most places are going to be booked”. Huh, makes sense. Should have thought of that.

The next morning we took off for the campground we marked to be at the day before, Pine Valley Park in Branchton, ON. Cute little campground, and luckily there were people leaving which opened up spots for us. After picking out a spot , setting up, and meeting a very nice Canadian family we decided it was time to head out and explore Canada Day.

Know what we found? Everything was closed. EVERYTHING! Well, nearly everything. We had no phones which meant no Google searching for activities, but everywhere we drove by was closed. Reason – Canada Day! Really?

No malls, no shopping, no groceries, however, we did find Tim Horton’s. They were open. And had fast & free Wi-Fi.

On the way back to the camper, I pondered this day, this Canada Day. The entire Country takes the day off. A day of rest, to tune in and tune out. How often do we do that? Our days, weeks, months, are booked so far in advance. When we know we have a day off, we tend to schedule something in its place. We get so busy being busy, that it becomes unfamiliar to rest.

When was the last time you shut down and allowed yourself to be ok with it? To know look for something to do, or to know what you will be doing next. Listening to yourself, answering honestly about what is best for you? Could you do that?

I challenge you to take a Canada Day. Shut down & tune in. Turn off the mind chatter, focus on your breath, and listen. You may be surprised what you hear. Or you may end up having family dinner at Tim Horton’s on Canada Day. Either way, it’s a win.

Namaste my friends.

Dakins Lake

Girl Scout Yoga is introducing me to quite a few new people. And places!

Over this past weekend I had a session scheduled in Zearing, Iowa. Never heard of it, but there is a lot of places that I haven’t heard of. I really didn’t want to make the hour drive by myself, especially when the weather was going to be in the 70’s! Then it hit me. Weather in the 70’s? An hour away? LET’S GO CAMPING!

A quick search of the area and I located Dakins Lake in Story County. The website said it opened April 1st for weekends, however I couldn’t reserve a site since reservations must be made 5 days in advance. Which means we must reserve before Monday if we plan to arrive that Friday. Since none of the sites were reserved for the weekend we decided to take a chance and head on up without a reservation.

The main campground is pretty small, 11 full hook-up sites and 18 sites with electricity and water. We chose one with just electric and water since we were only going to stay a couple days. All the spots seemed pretty level and we chose spot #7, which was near the park so we could still see the kids. If all the spots were full we would not have been able to see the park from this spot. Luckily for us, there was only 2 other campers, one of which was the host.

The girls were not too impressed with the park area, however that might have been a different story if there were more kids there. There is a trail that goes all around the lake which made my Saturday morning run nice (.75 miles around) being so close to the camper. The only real complaint we would have is that there is very little water pressure.

All in all the place wasn’t bad, but nothing stuck out either. If we were in the area, yes we would camp there again, but we wouldn’t actively seek it out. However, we were camping, and that was really all that mattered. 🙂

Dakins Lake
Full hookup is $24/night and water & electric is $17/night.
29 sites, 11 full & 18 water/electric
70613 130th Street, Zearing, IA  50278

French Toast Egg Bake

What started out as a Christmas morning breakfast is now a staple when we are camping – and the kids ask for it all the time. Literally, all the time. However, they only like it when it’s cooked in the Dutch Oven. Have I mentioned I am a way better cook when I use the D.O.? It’s true. 

So, without a long drawn out introduction, here it is! Enjoy

Redwood Falls, MN


Winter is nearly here in Iowa so there wont be many camping posts for awhile. In the meantime, I will post about previous trips, maybe even a few hacks or recipes. Here are some pictures from our last camping trip of 2018 – Ramsey Park in Redwood Falls, MN

This place was beautiful. It was chilly when we went so it is on the agenda to go back next year to get the full experience. There was a mini zoo, hiking trails, waterfalls, and a nearby golf course. Which I hear is an amazing course to golf. 

I’ll post more next year when we go back, in the meantime, here are some photos to get an idea.